Case Studies

Smart City Project

The smart city project is a landmark project and first of its kind in India. The Government along with Comnet has devised a plan for a city of the future, with complete digitization and automation. Many operations will be automated this reducing the burden on manpower and ensuring there in no violation of the laws and less chances of error.

The following are the various components of the smart city plan:

City Network (Active):

The network is the backbone of the smart city plan. Comnet will be providing a converged network platform. All the different city management vertical solutions will be running on this common network infrastructure as the backbone. This end-to-end platform will facilitate information exchange between resources and applications across different domains.

City Surveillance

A city-wide surveillance system with IP-based cameras will ensure that the city is well guarded. This robust surveillance system will ensure public safety, prevent crimes, and maintain law & order situation in the city.

Smart Water
Smart meters will be installed in all homes and establishments. Meter readings generated will automatically sent to the water-billing system. This reduce the need for manpower and less errors.
Smart Sewerage
An integrated sewer supply system and lifecycle management of Sewage Network will be achieved. This will reduce flooding; help detect leakages and ensure that the sewerage is adequately treated before being released.
Smart Traffic
The city will be equipped with an Intelligent Traffic Management System to bring out more efficiency and better day to day traffic management. The system will be capable of Red-light violation detection, Face recognition for traffic violation and Automatic number plate recognition. It will also send parking tickets and traffic violation tickets to the resident’s mobile phone.
Smart City Mobile App and Web Portal
Various apps will be created for the residents of the city as well as a comprehensive portal will be created that will ensure two-way communication between the authorities and the residents. This real time user friendly single window service delivery system will ensure smooth functioning of the city and improve the quality of life for the residents.
Smart Environment
Sensors will be installed at strategic field locations which will download information to a Central Environment System at the City Operation Centre. This will enable the city authorities to take preventive measures to control the environment.
Smart Parking
Comnet will install smart parking meters to provide a seamless, efficient, citizen-friendly, cost and time effective parking operations in the City. Automatic parking fees will be charged on the app and so will the parking violation tickets be sent. This will reduce parking woes and traffic snarls in the city and reduce the need for traffic personnel.
IT enabled Solid Waste Management System
This system will enable smart tracking of SWM fleet and provide weigh bridge automation, staff attendance management, dashboard monitoring with efficient user communication to ensure improved & efficient management of Solid Waste Operations in the city.
Smart City Office
The office will enclose a City Operation Centre, Command Control Centre, Server Room, Network Operation Centre, and Traffic Control Centre. This will enable Monitoring, controlling, and operating all the Smart City Components centrally under one roof.
Data Analytics
All the data gathered from the smart city equipment and various apps being used by the locals will be analysed to find deep insights into the functioning of the city and take constructive measures to make life easy for the residents.
Equipment to be installed:
  • CCTV Based City Surveillance System
  • Intelligent Traffic Management System
  • Smart Traffic lights
  • Environment Sensors
  • Flood Sensors
  • Public Address System
  • Emergency Call Box System
  • Variable Message Display System
  • Smart Bins
Apps and Portals to be developed
  • Mobile Apps
  • Citizen Collaboration Portal
  • Citizen Experience Centre
  • Integrated Command Control Centre (in Hub & Spoke Model)
Common IT / Non-IT Infrastructure to be established
  • Compute & Storage on a Cloud Model
  • Local Data Storage (On Premise or Commercial Data Centre) for CCTV Footages
  • Necessary Cyber Security Provisioning (End Point, Network, Application, Internet Gateway, etc.)
  • Command Control & Viewing Centres
Services to be offered
  • Project Management (for the Implementation Period & Post Implementation Period)
  • Project Planning, Execution, Monitoring
  • Internal Testing, Pilot Launch, Final Launch
  • Helpdesk Management, Issue Resolution
  • SLA Management
  • Change Request Management