The modern corporate ecosystem is quite a bit different from what it used to be even a decade ago, and after the widespread adoption of cloud-based systems, the proliferation of mobile devices in operations has assumed an upward trend. Against this backdrop, network security plays a role like never before, an issue that has been complicated by the fact that many companies are heavily reliant on operational models like BYOD, CYOD, COPE, etc.

While controlling in-house devices that are connected through a secure network is comparatively easier, remote devices bring an entirely new set of challenges to the table. While businesses do realize that threats are present, it simply cannot be ignored that remote working has turned out to be a reality, a trend that has only been catalyzed by the pandemic.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at some of the devastating threats that mobile devices face when connected to a corporate network, post which, we would be exploring some of the primary defenses that can be adopted against such threats and risks in 2023. So, let’s get started.


The threats faced.


Unlike traditional computers that were seldom linked up to the internet in most cases, modern mobile systems are structurally dependent on online connectivity, a fact that makes them vulnerable to a wide variety of threats and risks that may be prevalent.

  • Malware and Spyware attacks- For any mobile device that is connected to a company, network security is greatly compromised by the fact that they act as prime targets for malicious viruses and applications. Now, these intruders may penetrate the systems for a wide variety of operations, but some of the most prominent ones are data theft and corporate espionage.
  • Physical access breach- One of the weakest links of any online security system is the human aspect of things, and a similar phenomenon can be observed here as well. In many cases, someone may compromise the entire security of a corporate device by being careless with their devices physically. No amount of firewalls or defensive tools would be useful if physical access is compromised.
  • Unethical practices- When it comes to the human aspect of things, unethical employees may possess a significant amount of threat to the overall network as well. It has been witnessed in the past that individuals had compromised security mechanisms purposely for their own gains. This is something that companies need to keep tabs on so as to prevent any significant losses for any stakeholder involved.
  • Loss of device- When it comes to corporate networks, the threats aren’t limited to breaches or spies but to physical loss of the device as well. In certain cases, individuals may lose their mobile devices due to a plethora of reasons, something that may have a detrimental effect on the overall profile or operations of the company.

Top IT solution providers like COMnet provide a whole host of services and tools that can be used by businesses to ensure data protection, privacy, and security when it comes to mobile devices that are connected to a central corporate network. Let’s examine some of the primary ones there are.

  • Enforcing device management solutions- One of the best ways in which companies can enforce a certain degree of security and control over the devices that are linked to their corporate networks is by implementing effective MDM and UEM systems. A Mobile Device Management system can be used to control the data that is being used on the remote systems. Moreover, effective implementation can help with various operational necessities such as password requirements, remote erasing of data, etc.
  • Setting up an effective firewall- For anyone who has been around computers and remote devices, a basic degree of familiarity with firewalls is certain. These can be used to limit access to the various data sets and devices there are. Now, one must bear in mind that there are different types of firewalls that are available on the market, and the ultimate purchase decision must be made according to the operational requirements.
  • Sd wan solutionsCloud-based services don’t mix well with VPNs, and this is where enterprises had to start looking for alternatives that can be used to ensure seamless connectivity across remote devices securely. Sd wan solutions allow for security controls, authentication, encryption, and a whole host of other security-related functionalities.
  • Anti apt solutionAdvanced Persistent Threat comprises a wide range of risks that businesses face regularly, and it is up to companies like COMnet to develop and deliver the most up-to-date anti apt solution there are. These can help track and defend against potential threats like breaches, hacks, virus attacks, etc. Recently, these systems have turned out to be some of the most potent mobile device security systems there are.

Final take:


Modern cloud-based business systems have brought forth a wide array of threats that can affect mobile devices that are connected to corporate networks in some way or the other. The aforementioned threats and mitigation methods are some of the most common and effective ones that we encounter daily. COMnet is a top-notch IT services provider experienced in providing a comprehensive online security package that can help cloud-based businesses in more ways than one. Get in touch right away t

o fulfill your enterprise’s cyber security needs.