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Comnet Solutions Pvt Ltd is a full-service technology provider specializing in Cloud, Security, Professional, and Managed Services. Our team of experts leverage industry leading expertise and solutions to help clients achieve maximum return on their IT investments. Comnet Solutions is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra with satellite offices across the country. Supporting clients globally, Comnet Solutions' 24/7 services keep technology continuously monitored and Always On.

Our Approach

C for Committed

  • We earn, maintain and develop our customers' trust by showing how each of us at CAE, with our commitment, can make a difference.
  • We are committed to knowing our subject, to voice our recommendations and be decisive.

O for Organised

  • We organise set of policies and practices that catalyse leverage of technologies to build, maintain, and enhance the competitive advantage.
  • We look to the future when developing solutions or helping our customers' adapt to a changing world.

M for Mature

  • We have over 18 years of mature engineering, science, and management disciplines to plan, develop, and implement technological capabilities to shape and accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of an organization.

N for Networked

  • We most versatile set of clients and technology partners which enhances our business and technology understanding skills and allows us to pollinate best from this versatility to your business needs.

E for Energetic

  • We have an energy that pulsates through the company, through our people. We do not stand still, we always want better, we 'can do'.
  • We want to excel, we want to be the best and combined with our other traits, marks us out from the rest.

T for Technologist

  • We have Business Technologists which understand both customers' business and IT, putting solutions and services to work that truly serve your business strategy.

Through our Committed, Organised, Mature, Networked technologist approach, we aim to earn our customer's, partner's and employee's trust and loyalty; making us the choice for delivering technology services and setting the standard that others aspire to.

Comnet Solutions Vision

Comnet Solutions is a leading technology service company. By working closely together with our partners and with our clients we deliver trusted solutions.

Our Business

  • We are technology solution experts, we have impeccable credentials, we achieve and maintain the highest accreditation with our partners.

Our Promise

  • By working closely together with our customers and partners, we unite them to deliver outstanding technology services in an ever-changing world, inspiring trust and confidence in our people and in our expertise.

We are trusted by our customers and partners

  • We are helpful, supportive and responsive
  • We are accurate and truthful
  • We are attentive and we listen

We are open with our approach

  • We are transparent as we have nothing to hide.
  • We are open for business.

We are clear

  • We make information technology easier to understand.
  • We are direct and straightforward in our communications.

Our Key Alliances